Drion Toothbrushes

AUD66.00 each Out of stock Width: 2.5 cm
Length: 16 cm
Height: 20 cm

The Negative Ion Toothbrush is a battery powered toothbrush with an internally-set high energy battery to make use of the anionic source produced by the direct current electric field. It can assist in the prevention of oral diseases. The brush handle is equipped with finger grip to prevent slipping during brushing. During brushing, the brush will be filled with saliva and tooth paste which when it comes into contact with the teeth and gums will form a current circuit with the human body.

Some of the benefits of brushing with the negative ion toothbrush are:
1) Will strengthen teeth and provide relief to aching teeth and reduce gum bleeding
2) Removal of plaque and tartar
3) Prevent tooth decay and oral ulcers
4) Assist in desensitising teeth
5) Removal of halitosis
The Negative Ion toothbrush emits between 20000 and 70000 negative ions/cm3.
It has lamp which indicates the brush is on and therefore in working order.

1. People with extremely sensitive teeth or very sensitive to direct electric current should use it very carefully.
2. Children under 10 years of age should use it under adult supervision.