Drion Patches

AUD66.00 each Out of stock Width: 2 cm
Length: 10 cm
Height: 14 cm

The negative ion patches contain negative ions in both the fabric as well as the negative ion ball.
The patchball typically radiates negative-ions approximately a minimum of 500cm3-700cm3 to a maximum of 1000cm3-1200cm3 in all directions from the centre.

This level is almost same the level with "Forest Therapy".
It is designed with an  adhesive side to be able to be placed at various points on the body to maximise the effects of negative ions. Can be worn during the day as well as at night to assist during sleep.
Negative Ions have long been associated with reducing stress, fighting bacteria, promoting circulation, improved sleep, enhance immunity, relieve pain and many more.
Each box contains 10 strips with each strip containing 10 patches (100 patches in total)
Brand URL : http://www.drion.com.au