How To Become a Distributor


We assume you have read the benefits of the products within Winasun and the benefits of the Winasun Network Marketing system contained on the main website

By becoming a distributor you will be able to start your own business by selling high quality and unique products at great margins as you will be able to buy products at the distributor (wholesale) price. You will also be given your own website which includes an ONLINE STORE.  Your Winasun website will look like this site. From your own Winasun website you will be able to recruit new members and also sell products (including your own products) at the retail price.

The process to become a distributor is simple and easy:

You must fill in the registration form. To be directed to the form click here.

The cost of registering is $100 dollars (AUD) per year.
This payment is made direct to Winasun Ltd and can be done via either PayPal, Bank Deposit or Credit Card.

NOTE1: If you pay by Bank Transfer you must inform us by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
NOTE2: The annual fee is not automatically extracted from your account or credit card the following year.
However, Winasun Ltd will inform you that your annual registration fee is due and you can decide whether or not to continue with your membership.

Once payment have been received, we will create your website (please allows 1-2 business days).